on this sunny day the 12th of November 2004 we installed 14 BP solar 110w photovoltaic panels on a freestanding pole mount system in our backyard at 2323 se tamarack ave, portland or.



Digging the hole was not impossible, but took 3 of us alot of effort with shovels and a very dull hand augger. At 5'-4" tall it wasn't quite imaginable what a 9' hole that was 3' wide would be like to be inside.... it was very claustrophobic! At 3' diam x 9' deep we poured 81 cf of concrete, that's 3 cu. yards at $150 approx.



tamsol4web.jpg (6166 bytes) tamsol5web.jpg (5957 bytes) Specs:

1.5 kilowatts capacity

14-110BP solar panels

1.8kw inverter

grid tied

In service 11/2004


Statistics as of 8/27/2006

KWH produced

Greenhouse gases saved