NEW YEAR 2000wpe8.gif (88947 bytes)


wpe4.gif (54033 bytes)     On New Years Eve, 8 brave people ventured into the unknown to be the first inhabitants of the Gonzo! Existing solely on solar power, gourmet food, collected water (from home) and all of their warm clothes. (left to right - John, Candace, Lori, Scott, Alison, David, Bob and Ki in front).

The weather was cold and misty upon leaving Portland, and clear upon arrival in Mosier. Indoor temperatures with 8 people and no heat source (the electric heater slowly overwhelmed the stored power and we chose to turn it off), stayed at an average of 62 degrees. It was decided upon that a small heat source, would be sufficient to warm the thermal mass and keep the building cozy.

There are twelve moisture sensors waiting to be installed upon next visit and moisture monitoring will begin for this earthsheltered strawbale structure. wpe5.gif (86119 bytes)

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