Earthship Wall Building with Bottles and Cans

Portland Community College
One-day workshop — Saturday, May 17
Class time: 9 am – 4 pm
Class location: 2323 SE Tamarack, Portland



workshop attendees (julie, kaleb, lisa, jim, amanda, emily, angela, jennifer, jim and pam) worked real hard in the rain off and on for the day of the workshop.

alot was done with setting the foundation, rubble of pea gravel, and setting the first layer of bottles.

Most of the bottles were donated by Joe Cawley at Far West Fibers. It appears that green glass is not marketable, and especially wine bottles, where were found in abundance are not returned for money. After dumpster diving we had enough to begin the workshop.

The stucco mix that we used was 3:1 mason sand to a pozzalan (fly ash)/cement mix.

Thanks to ISG Resources for the donation last fall for the pozzalan we had 8 bags left over from Douglas Meadows Strawbale structure to use for this project.

This project was possible thanks to Ed Kaiel, director of Community Education, at Portland Community College. While working in partnership for the past 7 years with solar7.83 design studio, it has been possible to educate and train over 350 people including students, architects, engineers, homeowners, ecologists, and many more. It has provided us with a platform to construct and build experiments and alternatives to the current destruction nature of building.

Thank everyone!

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Finding solutions to concrete — building alternative walls with bottles and cans and stucco. We can use the insulation and lightweight material of air and glass and aluminum to construct wall systems. Come and build walls using recycled bottles and cans earthship style.

Bring all of your bottles and cans (uncrushed) to donate to project.

Open to all, ability to work with cement based stuccoes good practical skills.

Instructor Candace Gossen is principal of solar7.83 design studio, specializing in alternative materials and structures including bottle cisterns, rammed earth and tire foundations, and natural and recycled stuccoes all of which will be part of this project. For more information see

$25 fee payable to instructor at class meeting
$15 Portland Community College tuition fee

Registration: Click on this link for On-line Class Registration at PCC. Or, call 503-977-5000 or 503-978-5205