Day 5, Wednesday

the last day. 7 am scheduled, but reality called  it 9. Another run to the lumber yard. Put the rim boards on the rafters and work on the cistern in the morning. slow going and the students were ready to quit. Frustrated that we were not going to complete the project before we left at the end of the day. Talk about alternative building materials, greywater, catchwater and composting toilets.  Coconut fibre was used instead of chicken wire on the tops of the rafters. We decided we would not fill the rafters with loose straw, but liked the look of the rafters with the coconut fibre on it above. We placed 6 mil plastic above the fibre and then placed a layer of strawbales on top of the rafters. We had a leftover velux skylight and placed in on the box ready for permanence at the next visit.

wpe28.jpg (29854 bytes)     this view is what made up decide not to use fill straw in the rafter void

wpe29.jpg (31582 bytes)     Top fiew looking out to solar panels

wpe2A.jpg (81461 bytes)     first sheet of plastic goes up over the coconut fibre

wpe2D.jpg (98610 bytes)     and all that dirt has to go somewhere, but who is going to shovel?

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