Day 3, Monday

The crop duster takes a break. It is a hot day already early in the morning. This is typical Mosier weather, hot in the 90's to 100's with no trees for shade which makes the earth hard as a rock and all of the plants curl up and become defensive.

We put up the bale walls, 2 string wheat bales about 80 pounds each. Pinned all of the bales, two each, with 1" bamboo pins.  The bottom row of bales were skewered onto the 4' long rebar that was driven into the center of the rammed earth tires therefor making a connection every two feet or two vertical rebar per bale. Feeling pretty good about time, we took a long break today to swim at Mosier Creek and to get out of the sun.

In the afternoon the topplates were on and the strapping was begun. Previous to ramming each tire had a polypropylene strap 5/8" wide, 1200 pounds tensile strength beneath it and now after all of the bales were placed and pinned and the topplates were in order, were strapped and compressed.

The door buck is in place.

wpe1D.jpg (20640 bytes)     Working on the rafters

wpe1E.jpg (22984 bytes)     David concentrating on half-baling

wpe1F.jpg (32991 bytes)     signs of day 4 with the rafters up

wpe22.jpg (33528 bytes)    typical rammed earth tire, strapping and bales


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